George Hodgson Photos

We received word that George Hodgson died unexpectedly on Thursday February 15, 2007. As of now, we don’t know any details. I’ll write more about George soon, but I was looking at the photos I have of him and decided to put together this photo page. George was a good friend; we knew him from the Contoocook square dance, and he stayed with us at the Ralph Page Weekend. He was always fun to spend time with, and he was a great caller. That was obvious from his calling at the Ralph Page weekend but you had to go to his dance regularly to appreciate just  how good a caller he was.

The photos are from three places: the Ralph Page Weekend, the Emerson Hill School in West Hopkinton where the square dance used to be, and the Contoocook Library where it moved after that marvelous hall burned down.

I have some photos from the old hall I may add when I get them back from being digitized, depending on how they come out. They’re from before George was calling, but he did call in that hall.

Photo Credits. Photos were taken by a few different people; I’ll indicate them by initials:

PS - Patrick Stevens - RPDLW chair for several years and organizer of the Star Hampshire Traditional Dance Weekend since it started; he’s been photographing dances and other events for years and you’ll see his work throughout this site.

PY - Peter Yarensky - That’s me.

LF - Louise French - She attended the West Hopkinton and Contoocook dances for many years; her husband Wilfred French (“Frenchy”, as everyone called him), used to be the drummer for the dance until he died in 2004.

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