Tod Whittemore—Ralph Page Weekend, 2006

Since Tod is calling a special dance in Dover this month I thought I’d put together a short photo page of some photos of him calling, dancing and generally having a good time at the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend in 2006 which, as far as I know is the last time he was out this way.

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Photo Credits: All photos are from Patrick Stevens, chair of the RPDLW for several years and organizer of the Star Hampshire Traditional Dance Weekend since it started; he’s been photographing dances and other events for years and you’ll see his work throughout this site.

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Here’s the article from the Seacoast Country Dance Newsletter, February 2006, about the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend that year, which make it clear how happy we were that Tod was there:


So looking at the world of dancing, by far the biggest event of last month around here was the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend. As always the music was great, the calling was great, and the dancing was great; that’s just normal for the Weekend. But I think most people who attended would agree that this year was special. We don’t get Tod Whittemore to come from Arizona to call for the Weekend every year. To those of us who used to enjoy his Francestown dances so much (or for some people perhaps his Thursday night dances in Cambridge), it was a treat to see him again and to dance to his calling. We got to dance many, although not all, of the old favorite dances. Tod was obviously having a great time, which made it that much more fun for everyone. And in between it was nice to get to visit with him. When Tod wasn’t calling, Lisa Greenleaf was calling, and she’s justifiably one of the most popular callers around these days. And of course the music was outstanding too. Rod Miller’s band really can’t be beat for fine musicianship with a more modern touch (although quite capable of playing the traditional music in proper style as well); and Old New England is the best around for the more traditional style of New England dance music.

Of course it’s always nice to see everyone at the Weekend too, and this year was great for that since it was well attended. One nice thing about the Weekend (shared by Star Hampshire) is that while there’s enough dancing to keep us quite satisfied, there’s also time for socializing at the meals and during the breaks, so we get a chance to visit with all the interesting people who are attracted to an event like that.