2007 Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend Photos

Here are some photos from the 2007 Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend. They’re roughly in chronological order, although rearranged slightly at times to improve the show. I hope you enjoy them.

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The 2007 staff was as follows:

Weekend Callers: Tony Parkes, Carol Ormand

Sat. & Sun. Music: Bob McQuillen, Vince O'Donnell & Laurie Andres and Old Grey Goose (Carter Newell, Doug Protsik & Smokey McKeen)

Friday Night: Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra; calling by Tony & Carol plus Dudley Laufman, Peter Yarensky and Lynn Ackerson

Retrospective: Dudley Laufman, with many guests, and a video by David Millstone!

Photographers and Photo Credits: A few people contributed photographs; all are used by permission. Individual photo credits are indicated by the phtographer’s initials:

PS - Patrick Stevens - RPDLW chair for several years and organizer of the Star Hampshire Traditional Dance Weekend since it started; he’s been photographing dances and other events for years and you’ll see his work throughout this site.

FS - Fred Sheldon - You probably saw him videotaping and photographing throughout much of the weekend. Besides doing video work professionally (Assured Images, Nashua NH) he’s had an association with Dudley and the Canterbury Orchestra that goes back for years)

DP - Doug Plummer - Doug is a dancer and professional photographer from Seattle who did a dance tour of New England timed to include the Ralph Page Weekend and the Snow Ball. He has more RPDLW photos as well as photos from North Whitefield, Nelson, Peterborough, west coast dances and a variety of other subject matter at his Flickr site, and interesting commentary about his trip and his photography business at his Main site.

PY - Peter Yarensky - That’s me. I’m strictly an amateur photographer, but I have fun with it, and since with digital cameras you can take as many photographs as you want, some of them end up being pretty good.

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