2008 Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend Photos

Here are some photos from the 2008 Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend. They’re roughly in chronological order, although rearranged slightly at times to improve the show. I hope you enjoy them.

Click on the “Play Slideshow” button to view them as a slideshow or on individual photos to view larger photos. Note: Some of the longer captions may be cut off in the slideshow.

The 2008 staff was as follows:

Weekend Callers: Beth Parkes, Nils Fredland

Sat. & Sun. Music: Bob McQuillen, Rodney & Elvie Miller and Crowfoot (Jaige Trudel, Adam Broome & Nicholas Williams)

Friday Night: Ralph Sweet with Calliope

Retrospective celebrating Ralph Sweet, Master Singing Square & Contradance Caller since 1948.

Photographers and Photo Credits: Thanks to this year’s contributors; all are used by permission. Each is identified as noted below.

Glenn Coppelman contributed a number of photographs. All of his contain the initials GC.

Dave Bateman contributed the majority. His came prelabeled so it was easier to keep the labels rather than add a new label, so his are the ones that don’t contain initials.

Photo Captions. Dave’s come pre-captioned even if more suitable for file names; for the most part I’m leaving them for now simply to get this long-overdue slide show in place. I’ll add a few of my own here and there, but the rest will have to wait.

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