Star Hampshire Traditional Dance Weekend, Star Island ~ Photo Page 1, 2003–2005

Here are some photos from the Star Hampshire Traditional Dance Weekend on Star Island. I realized once I started going through my own photos and the ones Patrick gave me that there are just too many nice ones! You don’t have to be a good photographer to get good photos of Star Island; I only had my camera for six months when I took the 2004 photos and some came out very nicely. It’s just a great place to be, and a hard place to take a bad photo. So I ended up creating two photo pages: one for 2003 - 2005, and 0ne for 2006.

In order to make these pages a reality I’ll skip extensive captions; they really aren’t necessary in many cases.

Click on the “Start Slideshow” button to view them as a slideshow or on individual photos to view larger photos. Note: Some of the longer captions may be cut off in the slideshow.

Photo Credits: Two of us contributed photographs; all are used by permission. Individual photo credits are indicated by the phtographer’s initials:

PS - Patrick Stevens - RPDLW chair for several years and organizer of the Star Hampshire Traditional Dance Weekend since it started; he’s been photographing dances and other events for years and you’ll see his work throughout this site.

PY - Peter Yarensky - That’s me. I’m strictly an amateur photographer, but I have fun with it, and since with digital cameras you can take as many photographs as you want, some of them end up being pretty good.

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