The Details

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Here is a more detailed explanation of what's going on with this web site and why for anyone who is interested.


The iWeb app which I used to build this site is no longer supported, and while it still runs I've had serious problems and have lost the ability to open the web site and to publish it.


I'm switching to Adobe Muse (which I used to create the Star Hampshire web site).


Concerning the Ralph Page Weekend portion of the web site, as you may know the Ralph Page Weekend is a part of NEFFA. In January 2017 the president of NEFFA decided that in order to make changes in the weekend I as a 25-year member of the organizing committee needed to be removed from the committee so I wouldn't be able to raise any objections.


Now that I'm not a member of the committee, I have less access to some relevant materials, and I also have less motivation to work on the web site. So given that it's out of date I decided I should just take it down for now; or lacking the ability to do that, redirect all requests for the site back to the brief explanation page. I hope that eventually things will change so that I can revise and update the web site, as I have lots of good stuff I want to do with it.