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The Venue

All of the dancing and workshops take place in the Memorial Union Building (MUB) on the UNH campus. This spacious facility offers all the amenities, including a beautiful wood dance floor.

The Grand Dance

The Grand Dance on Saturday evening is an event not to be missed - festive attire suggested! Don’t miss the Grand March at the very beginning; it’s a highlight of the Weekend!

The Retrospective

Each year, the work of a prominent caller, musician or dance style is highlighted. The 2009 Dance Legacy Weekend will look at the many French Canadian Influences on our New England Music & Dance Traditions.

The Workshops

On Saturday and Sunday there are workshops for dancers, musicians and callers. These offer beginners and experienced folks alike an opportunity to polish their skills with guidance from our talented performance staff.

Work Exchange

If you volunteer for several hours of work you can attend the Weekend for only $25 (meals not included). The number of volunteers is limited. Apply early! Contact Dave Bateman for information (see contact information above). Important: You must both contact Dave and send in your $25 registration fee to qualify. Information!

The Weekend Syllabus

An excellent reference resource, describing the dances done, will be made available for a nominal fee. We generally have some syllabi from previous Weekends for sale as well.

The Weekend Schedule

Here’s the general outline of the provisional schedule.

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2011 Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend ~ Important Information

This page contains some useful information for anyone attending the Weekend. More will be added when it becomes available.

You should also download the informational Registration Flyer, available from the Main Page, for some additional information and details.

Lots of accordions! At the lunchtime jam session in 2007.

Photo by Patrick Stevens, used with permission.

Important Weekend Contact Information:

General Information: Dave Bateman, 603-397-0042, rpdlw.registrar@comcast.net

Lodging, Hospitality: Dave Bateman, 603-397-0042, rpdlw.registrar@comcast.net

Scholarships: Sandy Lafleur, 603-673-8497 or strumma@aol.com

Work Exchange: Dave Bateman, rpdlw.registrar@comcast.net

Web Site & Publicity Flyer: The web site is split between the NEFFA site and the NH Country Dance site. The NEFFA portion is designed and maintained by Rich Hart, rich@harts.mv.com. Peter Yarensky, peter.yarensky@unh.edu, designs and updates the remainder which is hosted at the NH Country Dance web site.

For registration information download a registration flyer

Please call the phone numbers above only between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM unless you really know it’s OK to call!