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The 2010 Weekend Staff:

  1. Weekend Callers: Lisa Greenleaf & Tony Parkes

  2. Sat. & Sun. Music

  3. Latter Day Lizards: Dave Langford, Bill Tomczak & Peter Barnes

  4. Old New England: Jane Orzechowski, Deanna Stiles & Bob McQuillen

  5. Friday Night: White Cockade: Vince O'Donnell, Ralph Jones, Sylvia Miskoe, Cal Howard, RP Hale & Allan Chertok

  6. Retrospective dance session: Marcie Van Cleave & Sylvia Miskoe will lead a celebration of the truly inspirational and varied life of Marianne Taylor.

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Staff Information. Here’s a page with lots of information about our 2009 callers and musicians.

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RPDLW Registration Flyer. Click on the link to download the Registration Flyer in PDF format. Side 1, Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend flyer. Side 2: Registration Form. Feel free to copy it and put it out at your local dance!*

2010 Weekend Program. This is the schedule of events for the weekend. Slight Revision: 1/14.*

2010 Evaluation Form. We value your feedback; thank you! *

  1. *In PDF format, 8.5x11" paper

Forms, Admission Fees & Contact Information.

Registration Flyer: see above.

Admission Fees.

  1. Full Weekend: Adult ~ $80; 1st Timer ~ $60 (by preregistration only); Ages 12-25 ~ $40; Under 12 ~ Free!

  2. Individual Sessions (may be paid at the door): Friday night, Saturday morning, afternoon, Sunday morning:  $13 each. Sunday afternoon: $8. Grand Dance (Saturday  night): $20.

Scholarship Application Form. Music & Calling Scholarships cover admission & Banquet; attend workshops, calling/sit-in opportunities. Apply by 12/1.

RPDLW 2010 Housing Information. Lodging and hospitality information.

Important Contact Information. This is a link to a web page with the relevant details.

NEFFA. The New England Folk Festival Association sponsors the weekend; the RPDLW is a part of NEFFA. NEFFA is also a great festival every April.

New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music & Dance. Home of the Ralph Page collection, CDSS collection, Ted Sannella collection, material from many other sources

Now on the Web! RPDLW, Contradancing from New Hampshire Chronicle, Channel 9, Mon. Feb. 15, 7:30 PM!

It’s over now, but fortunately, it’s been archived. You can watch it on WMUR (Channel 9) and  on YouTube.

Click on the following links:

Part I (7:11). This is on the WMUR web site, and has a mixture of interviews, music, dance, etc.

Part 2 (5:20). Also on WMUR, this portion features the Ralph Page collection at Special Collections at the UNH Library, as well as some dancing and interviews.

Part 3 (3:48). From David Millstone’s YouTube page, this segment is Tony Parkes calling Fiddleheads (a Ted Sannella dance) with the Lizards playing.

UNH Library Wildcarts (6:18). I noticed this on YouTube and figured a link would be in order! Chrissy calling with the infamous Wildcarts dancing!

Here’s some of the original description:

Look for the Ralph Page Weekend on New Hampshire Chronicle. You may have seen them filming; now we’ll be on Channel 9. Here’s what it says on the web site:

  1. “Dance socials are a great way to meet friends, old and new. They are a form of community gathering that's as old as our nation. In fact contra dances still take place in every state in the country.

  2. “In a special NH Chronicle, Jennifer Crompton shows us how thanks to some incredible individuals, and a vast UNH collection, the Granite State is considered by many to be Contra dancing's spiritual and historical home.”

For more information, go to:



2010 Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend Staff Biographies


  1. Tony Parkes. A master contra and square dance caller from Massachusetts, Tony has been a frequent participant at the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend.  He started calling in 1964; has taught and called all over the United States, Canada and Europe; helped produce recordings of dance music with and without calls; has written Contra Dance Calling: A Basic Text; and served on the boards of several dance organizations.  He was a close associate of Marianne Taylor and a frequent caller at the monthly Deerfield Contra Dance which she organized; he has since become one of the organizers and is in charge of hiring bands and callers for the dance.


  1. Lisa Greenleaf. Lisa is a contra and square dance caller from the Boston area known for her high energy calling and succinct and witty teaching.  She has a wide knowledge of both traditional and modern dances, which combined with her skill at community building, has put her in demand for dance camps and festivals in the United States and abroad. 

Bands and Musicians

  1. Old New England. Bob McQuillen, (piano and accordion), Jane Orzechowski  (fiddle), and Deanna Stiles (flute and fiddle) play solid traditional New England contra and square dance music, as well as original tunes, many of them modern classics, with consummate skill and high spirits.  McQuillen, always on the staff of the RPDLW, began playing in 1947 with Ralph Page’s Orchestra.  As videographer David Millstone points out, he is “a bridge from the pre-World War II generation of New England musicians and the contra dance revival of the 1960’s to the present.”  In 2002 McQuillen received the National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.  Recordings include Old New England, ONE:TWO, and ONE:III, with a fourth on the way!

The Latter Day Lizards. A New England based dance band consisting of Peter Barnes (piano and flute), Dave Langford (fiddle), and Bill Tomczak (clarinet).  Between them they have many decades of playing for public dances, festivals, dance camps, concerts, weddings, and parties, throughout the United States.  Each is a superb musician and together they inspire dancers with their innovative, spontaneous, melodies and rhythms.  Their repertoire is wide ranging, from traditional reels and jigs to Balkan to blues, swing, and jazz.  Their recordings include Sleeping on a Rock and Rainy Night in Montague.

The White Cockade. They formed in 1972 in order to learn and play music for Scottish dance.  Members are Ralph Jones (flute), Sylvia Miskoe (accordion), Vince O'Donnell (fiddle), Allan Chertok (drums), R.P. Hale (piano and hammer dulcimer), and Cal Howard (bass and piano).  Each one had been playing for contra and square dances prior to 1972 and all have had long and active careers playing individually and in various groups.  Skilled, multitalented musicians, they contribute improvisational harmonies while adhering to the basic form of the dance music.  Some of their recordings are White Cockade, Tartan Stew, and Tartan Capers.