Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend ~ Archival Pages
Archival Material for Past Weekends: 2013

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2013 Flyer & Schedule


RPDLW Publicity Flyer, 2013. Click on the link to download the final Publicity Flyer in PDF format.

2013 Schedule, Final. This is the final schedule for the 2013 Weekend.

2013 Staff ~ 26th Annual Weekend:
  1. Weekend Callers:

  2. Nils Fredland

  3. Bob Dalsemer

  4. Sat. & Sun. Music

  5. Old New England (Bob McQuillen,
    Deanna Stiles, Jane Orzechowski)

  6. Notorious (Eden MacAdam-Somer and Larry Unger)

  7. Friday Night:

  8. Calliope

  9. Tod Whittemore & Bob Dalsemer calling

  10. Retrospective dance session:

  11. Square Dancing ~ led by Tony Parkes.