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Nearly every night we used to take a break around 9:15 or 9:30 for 14-20 minutes and socialize, eat snacks, and listen to recordings of some of the great old-time fiddlers. As it’s a Canadian jam session generally we listened to Canadian fiddlers but sometimes we listened to fiddlers from other traditions, and sometimes we listen to bands, accordion players, piano players, etc. The basic idea behind it is that some or many of the people who come to the jam session don’t have extensive collections of recordings, and may not have had that much opportunity to listen to the music we play as played by people who grew up in the tradition. Since I have an extensive collection of records, tapes and CDs, I can bring them in so everyone can hear the music played by the old masters and by some of the current and younger musicians carrying on the tradition.

For reasons you can read about in the Session History page, the earlier listening sessions were at my house and involved listening to two entire recordings in one evening. After we moved back to the Unitarian Fellowship we’ve listened to one side of a record (0r the equivalent time-wise) per evening.

Here is a listing of the recordings we’ve listened to since we first started that tradition.

  1. BulletIf the interest should arise I’ll be happy to resume the listening tradition.


Most Recent Selection:

1/23/08-1/26/08: Edouard Richard - Musique Gaspésienne.

1/9/08-1/23/08: Break

11/7/07- 1/2/08: New Hampshire Fiddler’s Union - The Music of John Taggart ~ classic Yankee fiddle tunes

9/19/07-10/31/07: 100 Ans de musique traditionelle québecoise: 1940-1960, CD 2

7/11/07-9/12/07: Andre Alain - Violoneux de St.-Basile de Portneuf (including Summer Break, 7/25-8/8 and one or two other weeks that were spotty for various reasons)

6/20/07-6/27/07: Wally Traugott - Snowflake Breakdown

5/23/07-6/13/07: Jerry Holland - Fiddlesticks Collection

4/18/07-5/16/07: Frank Ferrel with Gilles Losier & Graham Townsend - Classic Down East Fiddle Music

3/21/07-4/4/07: Graham Townsend - 30th Anniversary

2/7-3/7: Jean Carignan - Archives - selections from CD 1 & CD 2

1/3-1/31: Marcel Meilleur - Hooked on Fiddle



12/20-12/27: Winter Break

11/1-12/13: Simon St. Pierre - (1) Joys of Quebec, selections; (2) The Woods of Maine; (3) Fiddler From Maine (selections)

9/27-10/25: Cinq à Sept, Ashokan, 1997 selections - Jam session with Jean Marie Verret (fiddle), Sabin Jacques (button accordion), Guy Bouchard (guitar, probably some fiddle), and Pierre Chartrand (step dancing) and others

9/6-9/20: Joseph Allard - Grand violoneux - Hommage - musique traditionnelle du Québec (one record with three names!)

8/19-8/30: Tommy Doucet - I Used to Play Some Pretty Tough Tunes

7/26-8/12: Summer Break

7/5-7/12: Jean Carignan - Ti-Jean Carignan, Le Violoneux (Totem TO 9221; he has a couple records with identical or very similar names)

6/7-6/28: b - (1) Canadian Old Time Music and (2) Swing Your Partners

5/17-5/31: Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble - Scandinavian-American Old-Time

4/26-5/10: Cynthia Macleod - Crackerjack

4/5-4/19: Waldo Munro - Honky Tonk

3/15-3/29: 100 Ans de musique traditionelle québecoise: 1940-1960, CD 1

2/8-3/8: Ward Allen - Best of Ward Allen

1/4-2/1: Calvin Vollrath - Autumn in Vermont



11/16-12/14: Don Roy - Thanks for the Lift

10/19-11/9: Frankie McWhorter - The Ranch Dance Fiddler

9/21-10/12: Eric Sahlström & others - Gubbskivan

8/24-9/14: Éric Favreau & Mario Landry - Reel à 2

7/6-8/17: Omer Marcoux - Tape of same name (including a break for a few weeks in the middle)

6/1-6/29: Patti Kusturok - Y2Kusturok

4/27-5/25: Lisa Ornstein - Les Danseries de Quebec

3/30-4/20: Monsieur Pointu 3-CD Set, first record

3/9-3/23: Gabriel Labbé, Sabin Jacques, Richard Forest, Mario Loiselle Benoît Bourque - Hommage à Alfred Montmarquette

1/19-3/2: Marcel Robidas - Tune Learning Session at the Barn (selections)

At the DUUF

1/5: Graham & Eleanor Townsend - Throughout Time


12/29: Jean Carignan - French Canadian, Irish and Scottish Fiddle Music (partial) and Per's Four Play Jigs and Reels

12/15: Jean Marie et Martin Verret - Quadrille du XIXe et Xxe siecle and Rojas Jonas Britta och Hans: Lekar for Glada Fotter

11/17: Isidore Soucy - La Veillee Chez Isidore and Phillippe Bruneau  - Record of same name

11/3: Ward Allen - Best of Ward Allen, Record 1 and Andre DeJarlis - Chainez les hommes ... Chainez les femmes

10/27: Ned Landry - Bowing the Strings and Jos. Bouchard - Musique Traditionnelle du Quebec

10/20: Lee Cremo - The Champion Return and Graham Townsend - Fiddling Favorites


At my house


This space reserved for future use

Note: Around the beginning of 2008 for some reason we stopped listening to recordings during the break except once or twice over the next several months.

  1. BulletIf the interest should arise I’ll be happy to resume the listening tradition.