Above: Star Island from the Boat, photo by Georges Nashon.

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2012 Information for Weekend Attendees

The following are the attachments from this year’s Welcome letter.

2012 Welcome Letter

2012 Final Schedule

Directions to Portsmouth Ferry

2012 Star Hampshire draft schedule

Star Island Map

  1. Star Hampshire Publicity Flyer, 2012. Click on the link to download this year’s flyer.

Music & Dance Staff ~ 2013 Weekend

Dancing Master: Bob Dalsemer - Contras & squares.

Music By

  1. Foxfire: Daron Douglas (fiddle), and Karen Axelrod (piano).

  2. Sassafras Stomp:  Johanna Davis (fiddle) & Adam Nordell (guitar).

Staff Information: Click on the link for information about the staff and for photos.

About the Music & Dance Staff ~ 2013 Weekend

Staff Information. Here is some information about the staff courtesy of David Millstone.

Bob Dalsemer. With 40 years of calling experience, an easy going manner, and exceptional teaching skills, Bob Dalsemer is one of the country's most versatile callers.  His repertoire includes a wide range of American contras, squares, and circles as well as English and Danish dances.  Many of Bob’s original dance compositions are danced throughout the country. He has served as Coordinator of Music and Dance Programs at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC since 1991 and received the Country Dance and Song Society’s 2011 Lifetime Contribution Award.
Foxfire is Karen Axelrod, piano, and Daron Douglas, fiddle.  Their fresh takes on the old tunes have led to extraordinary dancing from California to Copenhagen.  Foxfire plays at CDSS summer camps, at Brasstown, and Playford balls and contradance festivals throughout the year.  They brighten the English country dance repertoire and (in the words of the introduction to the 1651 Dancing Master) "much commend this Art to be Excellent for Recreation, making the body active and strong, graceful in deportment and very much beseeming a Gentleman."  (Karen adds, "We beseem Ladies, too.")

With lyrical improvisations and driving rhythm, Foxfire delights contra dancers and English country dancers alike. Come gypsy, allemande, and do inspired footing to the noble, lighthearted, and mysterious music of Foxfire. Foxfire is the proud parent of two CDs,  "The Introduction" and "Winter Oranges."

Sassafras Stomp is a high-energy dance-band with one foot in Maine and one foot in western Montana. Weaving together diverse fiddle traditions with a strong rhythmic sensibility, fiddler Johanna Davis and guitarist Adam Nordell build a rich, dynamic contradance sound marked by driving foot percussion and sweet harmony vocals.

Their collaboration began during a month-long musical residency in a tiny Montana town a stone’s throw away from the continental divide. After a debut performance at Seattle’s Northwest Folklife Festival, the duo established themselves as a regular band at dances across Montana. In 2010, they relocated to Johanna’s home-state of Maine to start an organic farm and participate in the New England contradance community. They have since performed for a widening circle of dances, concerts and festivals across the country; they were one of the six bands featured at the Catapult dance festival in Atlanta in 2012.

2013 Registration Information

Registration starts 4/1.  You can register online or by mail.  Register online via the Star Island Corporation (SIC) website.  To register by mail, print and complete this form and mail with $185 per person deposit check (made out to Star Island Corporation) to Star Island, Morton Benedict House, 30 Middle St, Portsmouth, NH 03801.  

The ferry departs Portsmouth at 2:55 pm on Friday, 9/13.  On Sunday 9/15, it departs Star Island at 3:05 pm and returns to Portsmouth at 4:45pm.

If you’re new to Star Hampshire and want to know more about what to expect, visit the SIC site or see last year’s Welcome Letter.   If you have questions after looking through these resources, contact the registrar.

Weekend cost is “per person” and varies by room type.  Extra costs include optional Lobster ($16/crustacean), mainland Parking ($24/vehicle), and any treats from the snack bar, gift shop, or bookstore. 

Per Person Rates:

  1. Triple: $355 ($85 program fee + $270 room, meals, ferry)

  2. Double: $370  (85 program + 285 r/m/f)

  3. Single: $438  (85 program + 353 r/m/f)

  4. Motel Double: $422  (85 program + 337 r/m/f)

  5. Motel Single: $553  (85 program + 468 r/m/f)

You may request a specific roommate.  Most rooms have shared bath; “motel” rooms have an en suite toilet.  This is primarily an adult weekend, but some children/teens have attended in the past.  Contact registrar for info on youth rates. 

Star Island Corporation no longer offers the 10/10 discount program for bringing a new shoaler to the weekend.  SIC does have other Discounts and limited Financial Aid.  Click links or see SIC website.

Check out our Facebook Page! Information, updates, photos, comments contributed by people who attend and love this weekend.

An Amazing Sunset on Star Island, photo by Patrick.  

Links of Interest

Here are a few links that will be of interest in learning more about the Weekend, about Star Island; and for those of you who already know about it, for reminding yourself of what a marvelous place it is and what a great time the weekend is.

Star Hampshire schedule 2011.pdf.  This should give you a good idea of what to expect in the way of programmed activities. There are more gaps than you might expect, but it’s such a wonderful place to be that you’ll want those gaps.

Star Island Corporation Home Page. The Star Island Corporation owns and runs Star Island and coordinates all the conferences that occur there, of which Star Hampshire is one. From their web site you can learn a lot more about the island and you can get an aerial tour of the island in a slide show.

Star Hampshire Photo Pages. I’ve assembled two pages, one for 2003-2005 and one for 2006. You can’t go wrong with photos of Star Island! This is the Main Photo Page; check out some of the other Photo Pages while you’re there.

Star Hampshire Archival Pages: 2007 2009 2010 2011. These are recreations of the original web pages of the 2007, 2009, 2010 & 2011 Weekends for reasons of enjoyment, curiosity, and historical interest.