January 15-17, 2016 ~ The 29th Annual
Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend

The Spirit of the Past, with a Vision for the Future
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About this Web Site

This web site contains general information about the Weekend and a goodly amount of historical/archival material on past Weekends.

  1. If you’re looking for information about the upcoming Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend, go to the main web site which is hosted by NEFFA.

2016 Staff ~ 29th Annual Weekend

  1. The staff should be partly or fully set by March or early April. Look for a listing below as soon as we know something.

  2. Weekend Callers:

  3. TBA

  4. Sat. & Sun. Music

  5. TBA

  6. Friday Night:

  7. TBA

  8. Retrospective dance session:

  9. TBA — very likely it will feature the music and dances of Ralph Page in some fashion

  10. Event Schedule, All Forms ~ see the Sidebar on the right.

  1. The New England Folk Festival Association in collaboration with the Center for the Humanities at the University of New Hampshire invites you to join us to celebrate our New England music and dance traditions. This weekend is named in honor of Ralph Page, who was pivotal in sustaining and reviving traditional contra and square dancing in New England.

Ralph Page Legacy Weekend Videos
on the Web

The Ralph Page Weekend was featured on Channel 9’s New Hampshire Chronicle. See the sidebar on the right for details and links to videos on the Channel 9 web site.

  1. Go to the sidebar on the right for details on what’s available, and for links to the videos available for viewing.

Additional Useful Weekend Information & Links

The Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend is held annually in Durham, NH at the University of New Hampshire in January on the weekend that ends with Martin Luther King Day. Look below for links to all the information you might want to know about the Weekend.

Forms, Flyers, Weekend Information

Look in the Sidebar on the right for most 2011 forms.

Additional Information: About the Staff, Weekend Photos, Stories, Articles, etc. - Learn More About the Weekend!

Staff Information. This page has additional information about the weekend bands and callers.

Photos & Archival Information about Previous Weekends. The best way to see what it’s all about - or to see your friends!

  1. Photo Pages: 2003-2006 | Tod Whittemore in 2006 | 2007 | 2008

  2. Yearly Archives: 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011

  3. Supplementary Articles & Stories about the Weekend: Index Page. These come from various sources: the Seacoast Country Dance Newsletter, various people who have had scholarships, others who have written things up for CDSS, DEFFA and other sources, etc.

Some Important External Links. These are some other pages with important information.

Directions to UNH. Link on the NEFFA site to a UNH web page with directions to UNH from various locations.

NEFFA. The New England Folk Festival Association sponsors the weekend; the RPDLW is a part of NEFFA. NEFFA is also a great festival every April.

New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music & Dance. Home of the Ralph Page collection, CDSS collection, Ted Sannella collection, material from many other sources


Web Site Guide ~ Where to Find Weekend Information, Forms & Flyers


Web Site Links on  the left.

Most current forms are now being kept on the portion of the RPDLW web site that’s hosted by NEFFA.  Here are some important links.

RPDLW Publicity Flyer, 2015. Feel free to copy it and put it out at your local dance!

2015 Final Grid. The final schedule for the Weekend.

RPDLW Home Page, NEFFA Portion. Look here for forms and information about the upcoming Weekend, including:

  1. Registration

  2. Housing

  3. Work Exchange

  4. Scholarships

  5. Directions

  6. and more

RPDLW Home Page, NH Country Dance Portion. You are there! Look here for additional details about the upcoming Weekend and much material of general interest about the Weekend:

  1. About the Staff

  2. About the Weekend

  3. Articles about the Weekend

  4. Archival Information about Past Weekends

  5. Photos from the Weekend

~ About the photos ~

Very Top: Right and left over ... It was great to have Tod Whittemore at the Weekend in 2006. He had a great time too; he even got to dance!

Above: Of course Bob McQuillen is always there at least in spirit!

Photos by Patrick Stevens.


Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend Videos
on the Internet


From NH Chronicle, Channel 9, Mon. Feb. 15, 7:30 PM!

The Ralph Page Weekend was featured on NH Chronicle, Channel 9, Mon. Feb. 15, 7:30 PM. Most or all of it has been archived and can be viewed on  WMUR (Channel 9) and  on YouTube.

Click on the following links:

Part I (7:11). This is on the WMUR web site, and has a mixture of interviews, music, dance, etc.

Part 2 (5:20). Also on WMUR, this portion features the Ralph Page collection at Special Collections at the UNH Library, as well as some dancing and interviews.

Part 3 (3:48). From David Millstone’s YouTube page, this segment is Tony Parkes calling Fiddleheads (a Ted Sannella dance) with the Lizards playing.

UNH Library Wildcarts (6:18). I noticed this on YouTube and figured a link would be in order! Chrissy calling with the infamous Wildcarts dancing!

Here’s some of the original description:

Look for the Ralph Page Weekend on New Hampshire Chronicle. You may have seen them filming; now we’ll be on Channel 9. Here’s what it says on the web site:

  1. “Dance socials are a great way to meet friends, old and new. They are a form of community gathering that's as old as our nation. In fact contra dances still take place in every state in the country.

  2. “In a special NH Chronicle, Jennifer Crompton shows us how thanks to some incredible individuals, and a vast UNH collection, the Granite State is considered by many to be Contra dancing's spiritual and historical home.”

For more information, go to:


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