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Photo by Evelyn Roberts, 4/06, used with her permission.

The Tunes: PDF Files

This page contains the same tunes in PDF format. Click on a link to download a file which you can display or print from Adobe Reader (or on a Mac from Preview). Some browsers may display the music file right in a browser window; you can save it to your hard drive from there. If you want the file to open in a new window so you can return to this window more easily, control-click on the link and choose “Open Link in New Window” or whatever similar choice your browser offers.

All Tunes ~ This is a collection of all the tunes in one file, the easiest to download; at this point about 420K.

Reels ~ This includes the following tunes:

Reel Boule de Neige

Caribou Reel

Reel de Chateauguay

Fireman's Reel

Reel Jean Luc Paradis

Logger's Breakdown

Louis Cyr

Old French

Trumpet Reel

Whalen's Breakdown

Jigs ~ This includes the following tunes:

Alph. Carriere's Favorite Jig

Arnold Kennedy's Jig

Murray River Jig

The Old Box Stove

A Starry Night for a Ramble

Steamboat Quickstep

Gigue du Violoneux

Square Dance Tunes ~ This includes the following tunes:

Darling Nellie Gray

Don't Dilly Dally

Snow Deer

Marches, Two-Steps & Polkas ~ This includes the following tunes:


Neil Vincent Orzechowski's Welcome To Earth

Marche de Queteux Pomerleau

Sarah's Slightly Different March


Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow

Red River Cart

Canadian Two-Steps

Country Serenade

Manitoba's Golden Boy

Happy Acres Two-Step

Sleeping Giant Two-Step

Waverly Two-Step

Waltzes ~ This includes the following tunes:

Florence Killen's Waltz

French Club Waltz

Frisco Waltz

Valse des Jouets

Little Pot of Shamrocks

Valcartier, Quebec Waltz

Monahan's Waltz

Valse de mon père

My Home

Norwegian Waltz

Norwegian Waltz

River John Sunset Waltz

Saint John River Waltz

Sweet Journeys

Village Carousel Waltz

Scandinavian & Other Tunes ~ This includes the following tunes:

Scandinavian Tunes

Schottis efter Andrea Hoag

Schottis from Spaelimenninir

Mars nr. 51 eftir Svabo

Smed-Jens vals

Other Tunes

The Four Jacks


Fiddle Tunes in PDF Format

~All the tunes together & in groupings