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  1. The 2009 Weekend Staff:

Weekend Callers: Chris Ricciotti & David Millstone

Sat. & Sun. Music: Bob McQuillen, Deanna Stiles & George Wilson and Tidal Wave (Raz-de-Marée): Sabin Jacques, Rachel Aucoin, Stuart Kenney & Éric Favreau

Friday Night: Montville Project: Art Bryan, George Fowler, Surya Mitchell & Fred White

Retrospective dance session: French Canadian Influences on New England Music & Dance Traditions

More 2009 RPDLW Links:

Staff Information. Here’s a page with lots of information about our 2009 callers and musicians.

RPDLW Registration Flyer, 2009. This is a publicity flyer (front) and registration form (back):  in PDF format, 8.5x11" paper.

Print Quality Flyer. Higher resolution, suitable for copying; 25% larger file size.

2009 Program, Final Grid. Here’s a final draft of the weekend schedule, PDF.

2009 Program, Web Version. Here’s a text version of the program on the web site.

RPDLW 2009 Housing Information Lodging and hospitality information, PDF.

RPDLW 2009 Scholarship Application. Scholarships are available for musicians and callers to attend and learn from our excellent staff.

Directions to UNH. Link to a UNH web page with directions to UNH from various locations.

NEFFA. The New England Folk Festival Association sponsors the weekend; the RPDLW is a part of NEFFA. NEFFA is also a great festival every April.

New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music & Dance. Home of the Ralph Page collection, CDSS collection, Ted Sannella collection, material from many other sources

Raz-de-marée (Tidal Wave) were lots of fun! Here’s Sabin playing his accordion.

2009 Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend Staff Biographies


**David Millstone, (Lebanon, NH), has been a part of the New England traditional dance community since he first attended a "Dudley dance" in 1972. He has been a dance caller for nearly 40 years and is known for clear teaching and calling and for creating an enjoyable dance atmosphere.  In addition to countless dance events throughout New England, he has been on staff at dance camps and events all over the U.S. and in Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, and Belgium.  He is a member of the Governing Board of the Country Dance and Song Society.  In addition, he has created four documentary videos about contra and square dancing. "What's Not To Like?" is a portrait of his home community dance; "Paid To Eat Ice Cream" follows the career of New Hampshire musician and tunesmith Bob McQuillen; "The Other Way Back" documents the music and dance career of Dudley Laufman; “Sweet Talk” traces the career and influence of traditional square dance caller Ralph Sweet.

Chris Ricciotti, (Rockland, MA), Chris started as a traditional square dancer in 1979 and soon turned to calling dances, eventually becoming one of the most well-known callers in New England. His wide repertoire includes a mixture of modern dances, chestnuts and traditional singing squares.  He specializes in gender-free calling and teaching, is also skilled at teaching international folk dancing and English & Scottish Country Dancing, and is a Morris Dance musician as well.  His teaching style is clear and his singing voice excellent.

Bands and Musicians

Bob McQuillen, George Wilson and Deanna Stiles - Led by Bob McQuillen, New England contradance keystone performer, this ensemble produces traditional dance tunes that are music to the ears (and feet!). 

  1. **Bob McQuillen, (piano, accordion), (Peterborough, NH), began playing traditional New England dance music in 1947 as the accordion player in Ralph Page's Orchestra. Since then, he has played with innumerable bands and musicians from his own Monadnock region of New Hampshire to Alaska. Bob is a bridge from the pre-World War II generation of New England musicians and the contradance revival of the 1960's to the present. Since composing his first tune, Scotty O'Neil, in 1972, he has gone on to compose over 1300 tunes, many of which have passed into the “traditional” repertoire of contradance music. In 2002 he was the recipient of the prestigious National Folk Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.  He has become the beloved teacher and mentor for many young musicians, thus helping to see that New England musical tradition lives on.

  2. **Deanna Stiles, (flute, piccolo, fiddle), (Deerfield, NH), plays with McQuillen and fiddler Jane Orzechowski, as Old New England.  She has also played with the Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra, New England Tradition, the Black Water String Band, Jump at the sun, and the Bob-o-Links.

  3. George Wilson, (fiddle), (Wynantskill, NY), is a talented, multi-instrumental virtuoso.  His repertoire includes a wide variety of traditional and folk styles. As a fiddler, he has nearly 400 tunes for dancing and listening -  tunes from New England, Quebec, Cape Breton, Scotland, Ireland and Shetland. His dynamic fiddling, strongly influenced by Cape Breton and French Canadian styles, has been popular with contradancers and concert-goers since the late 1970s.  He plays with various bands at contradances, festivals and dance camps on both coasts and in between.  He worked with Donna Hébert on the Beaudoin Family Project to preserve this valuable French Canadian musical heritage.

Tidal Wave (Raz-de-Marée)  Formed in 2003 with cross-border personnel, this contradance band from Quebec, Canada, carries on the tradition of French Canadian and New England musicians exchanging tunes and sometimes dance figures.  Grounded in traditional Quebec rhythms and melodies, their music is innovative and refreshing.

  1. Rachel Aucoin, (piano), (Montreal, PQ), began with classical training and now specializes in folk music accompaniment.  She has appeared at numerous festivals in Canada, the U.S. and abroad, as the pianist with a variety of musicians and bands.  Formerly a member of the band Domino, she is a founding member of Tidal Wave.  Her greatest interest and passion is teaching, through an innovative program for piano students at the University of Montreal’s preparatory school.

  2. Sabin Jacques, (accordion, bones, feet), (Montreal, PQ), began playing the accordion, left-handed, at age 14, and has grown into a versatile and accomplished artist.  He has accompanied many groups on tours in Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, France, England, Spain and Madagascar, and has performed and taught at many festivals and dance camps in Canada and the U.S., including Ashokan, Pinewoods, and Augusta.  Formerly a member of the band Domino, he is a founding member of Tidal Wave.

  3. Stuart Kenney, (upright bass, banjo), (Leyden, MA), is one of the most in-demand upright bass and five-string banjo players on the U.S. contradance circuit.  Stuart began playing 5-string banjo at age 12, and upright bass at age 18, and has had a long career in many traditional music genres, ranging from New England contradance music to Cajun and blues.  His interest in Quebecois music and its inclusion into the living tradition of New England contradance music began early on. He began playing with Sabin Jacques and Rachel Aucoin after meeting them in 1999 at Augusta Heritage Traditional Dance and Music week.  Together they founded Tidal Wave.  Although Stuart plays with Tidal Wave and other groups far and wide, his musical home is at the Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield, MA, where he plays for and hosts the TopHill Music and Dance Series.

  4. Éric Favreau, (fiddle), (Quebec), comes from a family of traditional musicians and has spent a great deal of time getting together with other fiddlers, learning their repertoire and studying their varied styles. Over the years, he has garnered a profound understanding and vast knowledge of Québécois traditional music.  He has played for dances with Tidal Wave and Entourloupe, taught and performed at festivals and dance camps, and has accompanied Quebec dance groups in tours of England, Bulgaria, Poland and the United States..

  5. The Montville Project - From its beginnings in 2007 at Maine Fiddle Camp in Montville, Maine, this group of accomplished musicians produces tunes often heard at New England contra and barn dances, the common language of dance musicians throughout this region and beyond.

  6. Art Bryan, (banjo, mandolin,guitar), (Hancock, NH), has been playing contradance, Celtic and old time string band music since 1964 and has performed and recorded with many groups including the Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra, Strathspey, String Theory and the Bound to Have a Little Fun Stringband.  After losing the index and middle fingers of his left hand in a workshop accident in January, 2007, Art now plays with only the ring finger and pinky on his left hand.  He is currently learning to play fiddle, guitar, mandolin and tenor banjo left handed.

  7. George Fowler, (fiddle), (Brooklin, ME), studied classical violin as a youngster but started fiddling in the late 1970s, learning tunes from lobsterman & dance fiddler Albert Collins of South Blue Hill, Maine. In 1981 he became a founding member of Oakum Bay String Band which anchors the first-Saturday dance in Blue Hill (est. 1975), the longest-running contradance in Maine.

  8. Surya Mitchell, (piano, shakers), (Bangor, ME), is descended from a New England, silent-movie pianist grandmother.  She tarted playing piano on the old upright stashed in the basement with less than the 88 keys in good working order. She developed her contradance skills playing for dances with the Oakum Bay String Band. Surya holds a degree in music education and teaches piano and preschool music classes in Bangor.

  9. Fred White, (guitar, percussion), (Augusta, ME), has been performing and recording oldtime, string band, hillbilly, rockabilly, blues, bluegrass, jazz, swing, minstrels, ragtime and Americana music for the past 30 years.  He presently works with the Maine bands Frigate, Catharsis, Hay 44, Bondeaux Redux and Improvox.


2009 Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend Program

  1. This is a text version of the PDF flyer


January 16-18 2009

Memorial Union Building (MUB)

22nd  Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend

Sponsored by the Ralph Page Memorial Committee of the New England Folk Festival (NEFFA) and The University of New Hampshire Center for the Humanities


6:30 Registration


(Dance hall at the Memorial Union Building, Level 2)


Session A


MC: John McIntire with music by The Montville Project

David Millstone, Chris Ricciotti,  and Maine guest callers




(Dance hall at the Memorial Union Building, Level 2)


(next to Food Court, MUB, Level 2)


Session B

Dance Session: “Bringing Beginners Into Your Dance”  Chris Ricciotti with De-Ge-Bo

Film:  “Dance on Film”

with David Millstone




Session C

RETROSPECTIVE: French Canadian Influences on

New England Music & Dance Traditions

MC: Tony Parkes with Tidal Wave (Raz-de-Marée) and multiple guest callers


LUNCH at the MUB

(Food Court, Memorial Union Building, Level 2)

1:00 – 1:45    FOOD COURT

Music Jam with De-Ge-Bo



(Dance hall at the Memorial Union Building, Level 2)


(Room 338-340, Level 3)


Session D

Dance Session:  “Danish Delights”  David Millstone

with De-Ge-Bo

Music Workshop:  “Quebecois Music for Contra Dancing” with Tidal Wave (Raz-de-Marée)


Session E

Dance Session:  “The Zen of Contra Dancing”

Chris Ricciotti with Tidal Wave (Raz-de-Marée)

Calling Workshop:  “Tune Up Your Timing” with David Millstone


Session F

Informal Jam Session, Food Court




Huddleston Hall Ballroom, Main Street, Durham

Dinner will be served when all diners are present.  Please be on time!


Session G

THE GRAND DANCE:  Dance Masters David Millstone and Chris Ricciotti

8:00-9:40     De-Ge-Bo

9:50-11:30    Tidal Wave (Raz-de-Marée)

Festive Attire Suggested

Line up for Grand March at 7:55




(Dance hall at the Memorial Union Building, Level 2)


(Room 338-340, Level 3)


Session H

Dance Session:   “Cracking Chestnuts”  

David Millstone  and David Smukler with Bob McQuillen, George Wilson, Deanna Stiles

Calling Workshop:  “Gender-Free Calling & Historical Perspective” with Chris Ricciotti




Session I

Open Mic Dance Session

Dance Masters’ Critique

MC: Dave Bateman, with Tidal Wave (Raz-de-Marée)

Music & Talk:  “Favorite Tunes”

with De-Ge-Bo


LUNCH at the MUB

(Food Court, Memorial Union Building, Level 2)

1:00 – 1:45    FOOD COURT

Music Jam with Tidal Wave (Raz-de-Marée)



(Dance hall at the Memorial Union Building, Level 2)


Session J


MC:  __________

Dance Masters, Guests and Staff Musicians

See You Next Year!

January 15-17, 2010

2009 Staff Callers

Dance Masters:    David Millstone and Chris Ricciotti

2009 Saturday & Sunday Bands

De-Ge-Bo:       Deanna Stiles (flute), George Wilson (fiddle), Bob McQuillen (piano)

Tidal Wave (Raz-de-Marée):  Rachel Aucoin (piano), Sabin Jacques (accordion, bones, feet), Stuart Kenney (upright bass, banjo),     Éric Favreau (fiddle)

2009 Friday Night Band

The Montville Project:    Art Bryan (banjo, mandolin, guitar), George Fowler (fiddle), Surya Mitchell (piano, shakers), Fred    White (guitar, percussion)

2009 Friday Night Guest Callers

   Cynthia Phinney, Maggie Robinson, Richard Green, Pam Green